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Wedding Videos

Wedding videos were the first type of video that I started creating professionally. Videos that tell the story of the most important day of a person's life is easily the most rewarding part of my career. The couples I work with all become lifelong friends and I couldn't be happier watching their relationship and families grow, long after the wedding videos are delivered. While my videos are cinematic in quality, my goal is to create wedding films that really allow couples to relive their special day every time that they watch their videos! The one thing that you'll probably notice that's different about my wedding videos is that I don't limit myself by only offering a 3-5 minute wedding highlight video. Some videos take 20 minutes to tell the full story while others only need about 7 minutes. Either way, I'm going to deliver the full story! If you're planning a wedding I would LOVE to discuss options with you! 

I produce wedding videos under 2 separate brands. Visual Reflection Video was my first video brand, which has and always will be Michigan-based, where I was born and raised. The second, Relive Your Day, was created when I moved to Florida and has now evolved into a nationwide wedding video brand. I still try to capture every wedding I book but have also developed teams to assist with capturing weddings when necessary. In those cases, I'm still heavily involved in the entire process, especially the editing.
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