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Gordon Yurk

Visual Storyteller, Videographer & Photographer 
I've always introduced myself as a videographer but I feel like videographer is too generic of a title. I'd really like to think that I'm more of a visual storyteller.  I discovered my passion for video production in 2009 and quickly decided that I didn't want to limit my creative ability by specializing in any specific video industry because, as an artist, it's easy to get burnt out when creating one type of video. So, I have a very diverse skill set. I create wedding videos, promotional videos, music videos, web series, documentaries and welcome a challenge to dive into something new every chance I get. 
Since most of the equipment I own can also be used to take professional photos and I know how to compose & light a subject, it wasn't a stretch to start incorporating photography into the services I offer. So, while I specialize in video, I always welcome the opportunity to create some stunning  still images as well!
The examples on this website will give you an indication of the quality I deliver but if you don't see an sample of the type of project you're looking to have created, please still reach out! Chances are, I've done something similar or have just been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself!